Safety First Driving School will be closed on Christmas and New Year's Day.

Adult Lessons

Our driving packages are designed to teach each and every student the basics of safe and courteous driving. Use our secure website to register for an adult course where we drive from either our Shoreline or Lake City Way office. We also have packages for those who need us to meet them at our Downtown Pick-Up location of 4th and Pine Street.

You’ll like our Instructors. They are friendly, patient and calm. They have real smiles and know how to make a stressful learning situation enjoyable. Our Instructors are highly trained to determine your level of expertise and comfort. After they’ve evaluated your skills, they’ll create drive lessons designed for your continued practice and driving development.

And since we know that everyone learns at their own pace, if you’re not ready to take the Department of Licensing Skills test after a purchased package, we’ll let you sign up for additional hours at the package rate!

Adult Behind-the-Wheel lessons are 90 minutes in length.

MASKS ARE REQUIRED. We practise social distancing. Complete Covid-19 safety rules are posted in our office.

DOWNTOWN DRIVERS PLEASE BE ADVISED: Contract time has been extended due to temporary high demand of our downtown lessons. You might not be able to schedule your drives immediately.